Three Places to Get North Pole Postmarks

north pole postmarkYou don’t need elves or a flying sleigh to get an official postmark from the North Pole. These post offices can help you get a magical postmark to enhance any Christmas card, letter or letter from Santa Claus. To get a North Pole postmark, simply put the letters or cards you want to be stamped inside a larger, outer envelope and send the outer envelope to one of the locations below between Thanksgiving and early December. Postal workers will open the outer envelope, mark the inner envelope(s) or package(s) and send them on their way.

If you’re sending your cards or letters to New York or Alaska, be sure to affix proper postage to the inner envelopes!! Your mail will not be sent if it doesn’t have proper postage. If you want the postmark from Colorado, be sure to include a check to cover the cost of postage.

North Pole Postmark from Alaska
Each year, the US post office near North Pole, Alaska affixes a genuine North Pole postmark to hundreds of thousands of cards, letters and packages sent here for a special Christmas touch. To get a special postmark from this location, send your pre-stamped envelopes from Thanksgiving to December 15 to:

North Pole Christmas Cancellation
4141 Postmark Drive
Anchorage, AK 99530-99998

To ensure delivery by Christmas, letters should arrive at the Anchorage post office by no later than December 15.

North Pole Postmark from New York
Created in 1949, Santa’s Workshop in North Pole, NY is the oldest theme park in the United States. Visitors to the park can visit Santa Claus and his reindeer any time the park is open, and since 1953, the park has run a rural post office that provides North Pole postmarks. Send your stamped letters to:

North Pole Postmaster
PO Box 1768
North Pole, NY 12997

Please do not send red, green, high gloss envelopes or those that don’t lie flat. These envelopes will be stamped with a regular postmark rather than the special Christmas mark.

North Pole Postmark from Colorado
Santa’s Workshop in Colorado is a holiday-themed amusement park in Colorado at the base of Pike’s Peak.
It has been in operation since the 1950s, and one of the main attractions here is a frozen North Pole at the center of the village. Although the park’s mailing address is Cascade, CO, they have a post office at the park that will affix a North Pole postmark to any letters sent to the following address:

To get a North Pole postmark from Santa’s Workshop in Colorado, send your letters to:
Santa’s Workshop
5050 Pikes Peak Highway
Cascade, CO 80809

Letters must be received by December 10, and should include a check to cover first-class US postage. Santa’s Workshop prefers that letters to be canceled do NOT have the postage affixed to them. Also, please do not use red envelopes, as the postmark is red and will not show up.

Postmark image courtesy Santa’s Workshop in Colorado

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